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Sunday, 7 November 2010

How Doctor Who is not doing us any favours

Don't get me wrong here, I love Doctor Who (although I must confess to preferring David Tennant), but from one perspective, the writers are really not helping us on a spiritual level.

How many of you have seen the episodes concerning the 'Weeping Angels'?

...And how many of you find them extremely creepy at best, and downright terrifying at worst! I am most definitely in the second category there; in fact my daughter has had a job on her hands just to get me to watch the latest episodes with them in! How completely ludicrous is it for a woman of my age to be hiding behind the sofa (again)!

But seriously, I wonder if they have really thought this through?

By turning angels into something to be feared and shunned, we are closing our minds into the incredible support, love and help that is there just a heartbeat away for every single one of us.

It's quite clever really, and just a bit sinister. If you plug 'Angel Statue' into Google Images, you will get thousands of pictures of them, some in overgrown graveyards, stone figures covered with creeping lichen, black mildew, sightless eyes and reaching hands that would induce nightmares in the most sane of us... A vision of decaying guardians over our dead. Lovely.

The fact that the Weeping Angels are in a recognisably human form, only move when we are not looking, and have nice, sharp, pointy teeth, makes it all so much more plausible; when I was hiding behind the sofa in the 1960's, I was hiding from daleks (only had to go up a flight of stairs to escape them!), things not remotely like humans!

The reality of course that whilst none of us know what an angel really looks like, we have been programmed, through art and religious texts, to visualise them as something in human form with wings, from cherubs to archangels.
If you are lucky enough to have had an angelic experience, a visitation in which an angel has shown themselves to you, then that is probably what you saw, as they tend to show themselves in a way which we are used to, so as not to seem threatening, or alarming.
(Off the wall thought here; what if angels were really 20 foot high spiders? Scary or what!)

We need to be opening our hearts and our minds to the possibilities that actively inviting in our guides, guardians and angels can offer, not scaring our children stupid and potentially seriously harming their spiritual development.
They cannot 'interfere' unless we invite them in, I have had oodles of proof that they really are there, (that I am not just a mad old bat!) and that they really can throw those opportunities in our path that we need. I shall tell you all about them some day!

If the Weeping Angels had featured on Doctor Who in the 1960's, when I was growing up, I am not sure I would be quite so comfortable with my guardian angels now...

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Little Doubting Me...

Even when you have an unshakeable faith; you can still have moments of is only human! I sometimes feel as though I am constantly asking for signs from my guides, guardians and angels help me prove to myself that I am not just plain nuts!

...The amazing thing is, that they always answer, with something I cannot ignore.

The other day, I got into my car and the radio did not come on. No amount of fiddling with the switches helped, so I resigned myself to driving without music and got going.

As I didn't have any music to distract me, I decided to have a chat to my guardian angels about what was on my mind and to (somewhat sheepishly) as for yet more signs that they were really there helping me...

I had just got to the end of this rambling monologue when the radio blared into life with Aretha Franklin singing the line 'I say a little prayer for you'!

I'll take that as a yes then!

Your guardian angels do a great job all the time, whether you believe in them or not, and they want us to achieve our full potential...and if that means giving us signs every five minutes, then so be it-just remember to look out for them!

Incidentally, the issue I had been rambling on about was resolved as we had hoped; another sign that they really are working in my highest and best interests.

Until next time...

Sunday, 8 August 2010

The problem with elementals...

We have been living with fairies for many years now; it was my own fault really, you have to be so careful when dealing with any of the elementals, but having comprehensively failed to follow my own advice, I have nobody but myself to blame!

They are mischievious creatures, making their way in life like any of us...but with a completely and utterly different set of ethics and morals that can seem alien to us.

Take the other day for example; I was sorting out a heap of laundry for my family and as usual, I had a number of odd socks. I said out loud that the 'Sock Fairy' must be the one who continually pinches socks from the washing machine! I expect most of us have said something similar over the years, whether it's the sock fairy, the earring fairy or the biscuit fairy who has sneaked in behind your back and taken something...

After all it could not possibly be that your daughter has borrowed your earrings, or your son who has eaten all the biscuits!

Ok, so some of the time-most of the time in fact- the missing items will reappear, or someone will own up. But what of those other times, the times when everybody swears they had nothing to do with it? What about those times when you have the gut feeling that they are telling you the truth!

...And back to the missing socks, what about the undeniable fact that socks do go missing, in every household up and down the country...where on earth do they go, and who is responsible for it?

This is the bit when you call the men in white coats to have me sectioned, because I do believe in fairies...but they are not cute and cuddly little people dressed in floaty clothes with pretty wings, oh no...I believe they are something still with us from the dawn of time...crafty cunning elemental beings who have become used to us humans and for some, beings who have become attached to us.

There is a danger that if we imagine a 'type' of fairy, then that fairy is there...

Is that a little too far out for some of you?

You think up a sock fairy, and a sock fairy exists. You think up a biscuit fairy and your biscuits vanish quicker than ever!

Never underestimate the creative power of thought; to quote Shakespeare, 'There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy'...

There are a million and one books out there talking about the power of thought, the law of attraction, positive thinking, cosmic ordering etc., so is it such a leap to believe that we could bring an elemental energy into being just by thought?

Isn't that worth considering...?

So having said all that, why do I still 'think them into being'? Actually, we quite like having them a self inflicted frustration sort of

Our most compelling evidence for our little playmates occurred a few years ago.

My husband was sorting out some papers, and placing them into plastic sleeves; there were around 200 sleeves, spread all over the floor behind the chair where he was sitting and as I was back and forth across that area of the floor I kept on sliding on them!

In the end, I cried out 'Will you please move those sleeves before I slip up and do myself a mischief!'...less than a minute later, he called back to me 'where have you put those sleeves...?'
'I haven't touched them!' I replied
'You must have!' came the retort...

But I hadn't...and they had all completely vanished into the ether...and they have never come back! We did all the usual things, imagining one of us had somehow picked them up and filed them away somewhere and then immediately forgotten about it, as you do, but to no avail.

They were gone, for good...and what other explanation but fairies can anyone come up with?

So be careful what you wish for, if it is a fairy, it might just come and live with you!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Angel Blog
Tuesday 15th June 2010

It's been a very long while since I started this blog, time and events just got in the way. It happens. Move on...

I really did not want five cats...I was more than happy with the original two...but a combination of the ‘aaaah’ factor when faced with kittens and a very soft hearted husband who worried about leaving ‘the other kitten behind’ (twice!) have meant a house full of kitties.
I am not complaining mind, they provide an endless source of entertainment...and this little episode really made me laugh, although it cost me dearly!

It happened on Saturday evening, just before England’s first World Cup 2010 kickoff.
Amber had been watching a particular spot by the steps leading from my courtyard garden for most of the day, and whilst watering the plants, I noticed that Pumpkin had joined in her vigil, staring intently at some crumpled compost bags I had been meaning to dispose of.

‘Probably a mouse,’ I thought, putting the hose down and walking up the steps to where the cats were crouched. I pulled the plastic gently back, and there, whiskers a-twitching, was a young rat, about 5 inches long.

Now I know we don’t want them near us, but I cannot kill them. I find it difficult to kill anything if there is another way out (upstairs windows, doors, cat flaps, I have thrown all kinds of wildlife from these!) and I was certainly not going to send this poor creature to its maker!
Neither did I particularly want him to be caught by the cats...I have cleaned up the entrails of so many dismembered and regurgitated animals and birds (yes, I know, cats are killers, live with it or get another pet!), so I gave his tail a bit of a twitch and this sent him scurrying out from his hiding place...straight up the steps to where Amber was waiting!

Mr Rat calmly walked up to Amber...she watched him...he put his little twitchy nose right up to hers, as though they were kissing-and then, she gave a huge yowl, jumped about three feet in the air, turning herself nearly inside out in the process, and then ran as though the hounds of hell were after her! I could not believe it, but worse was to follow...

Pumpkin now walked up the steps to Mr Rat; gave him a contemptuous glance and a half hearted bat with a paw, which Mr Rat treated with disdain (a sort of ratty ‘Come on if you think you’re hard enough’) and then my big brave ginger cat, calmly strolled past him and off up the drive...with Mr Rat trotting after him!

I so wish I had had my phone, or a camera with me; there is the cat being chased by a rat!
They walked on up to the wall and then Pumpkin turned and sat down so that he could have an emergency wash (have you notice how cats do this? In the middle of playing, walking across a room, whatever...quick stop! I need a bit of a bath, now!) and Mr Rat, having caught up with him, just stood there as if deciding what to do next...

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I gave the little fellow’s tail another twitch and sent him scurrying into the big pile of bricks and roof tiles left over from our which point, from across the entire nation, I heard the mighty roar of ‘YE-E-E-SSSSSSSS!’ ...and knew I had missed England’s opening goal...bugger.