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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Little Doubting Me...

Even when you have an unshakeable faith; you can still have moments of is only human! I sometimes feel as though I am constantly asking for signs from my guides, guardians and angels help me prove to myself that I am not just plain nuts!

...The amazing thing is, that they always answer, with something I cannot ignore.

The other day, I got into my car and the radio did not come on. No amount of fiddling with the switches helped, so I resigned myself to driving without music and got going.

As I didn't have any music to distract me, I decided to have a chat to my guardian angels about what was on my mind and to (somewhat sheepishly) as for yet more signs that they were really there helping me...

I had just got to the end of this rambling monologue when the radio blared into life with Aretha Franklin singing the line 'I say a little prayer for you'!

I'll take that as a yes then!

Your guardian angels do a great job all the time, whether you believe in them or not, and they want us to achieve our full potential...and if that means giving us signs every five minutes, then so be it-just remember to look out for them!

Incidentally, the issue I had been rambling on about was resolved as we had hoped; another sign that they really are working in my highest and best interests.

Until next time...