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Friday, 3 August 2007

Never Give Up...

About three years ago (2004), my daughter - who was then 7 - started complaining of pains in one of her toes; this was on the left foot, the one next to the big toe.

There was no immediately apparent reason for the pains, but they certainly seemed to be severe, so when she went to the doc's, we mentioned it. There was nothing to see on the toes, no bashes or bumps we could remember, and the pains only lasted a few minutes, so we all thought whatever it was would just heal in time.

But over the years, the pains have not gone away, and I have mentioned them every time we have gone to the doctor - but no doctor ever thought it worth pursuing.

Then, in June this year, she had a prolonged episode of pain, during which she was screaming and sobbing for an hour. I took her straight to Accident and Emergency...where we were patronised and sent away with a dose of paracetamol and a flea in our ear, so to speak. The young lady doctor I saw reacted to my pleas for an x ray with a curt 'I am certainly not going to irradiate your daughter unnecessarily'!

We went on holiday - it happened again in Helsinki, we were just walking around when she began crying and screaming in severe - and obvious - pain, which continued for a hour whilst we sat in a cafe; she was unable to walk during the attack.

We decided that we were going to get to the bottom of this once and for all...

So to cut a long story short, I have just returned from the hospital. We paid to see a consultant who has just confirmed (after x rays...) that she has a tumour under the toenail. It is a Glomus Tumour, quite rare and nearly always benign ( nearly!!!?), but it must be removed asap so that they can look at it and make sure - oh and relieve that terrible pain of course.

She will have the surgery within a couple of weeks and will need a general anaesthetic. She is completely unfazed by all of this; having watched me go through the various forms of treatment for breast cancer over the last couple of years, she is confident in the capability of the doctors and surgeons and her own capacity for recovery. As her mother, I just wish she didn't have to go through this - and I am so cross that nobody would take us seriously.

A rare condition is no excuse for not checking things thoroughly...and as for that young lady in Accident and Emergency...

So my message for today is 'Never Give Up'

Never think you are 'bothering' your doctor; they are there to help you
Never be afraid to keep on 'bothering' your doctor if something does not go away

The same message applies when we are trying to develop a new skill - or our connections to spirit.

If things do not move as swiftly as you had hoped; if you find it difficult to meditate, or to open up, don't give up.

Ask for the help of your guides guardians and angels and trust that you will succeed - but that sometimes, we are not ready , or we need to prove that we are prepared to put in the effort, or take responsibility for the consequences of that development.

'Ten minute Tip'

If you feel frustrated about the ways things are going - no matter what they are...
Take three long, slow, deep, breaths.

In through the nose, and out through the mouth...

Now return your breathing to normal...
As you breathe in, imagine that you are taking a bright golden light in through your nose...and exhaling dark smoke from your mouth.

As you continue to breathe, the golden light becomes brighter and with each out breath, the dark smoke fades and becomes golden light, until you are filled with that light.

After ten minutes, you will feel much better, I promise you; the action of breathing and concentrating on your breathing has a measurable physical effect. You fill your lungs with oxygen and that is transmitted to the brain via the blood circulation. More oxygen in the brain equals more focus, sharper thoughts, more concentration - and that of course means that you are more able to deal with whatever is the issue.

And don't forget to ask your guardian angels to help you whilst you are carrying out this exercise; there is a long held tradition that says that angelic intervention must be asked for, so take advantage of their help!

Michelle x

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Paranormal Stuff...

Sunday 29th July 2007

A part of my current work involves psychic mediumship on paranormal investigations for paranormal event company, Dark Encounters

Last night we were at the Museum of Army Flying in Middle Wallop, which is sort of near Andover, in Hampshire. We had been to this location before, but had felt that - on that occasion - it had been a little quiet. However, the spirit people made their presence known to two of us as soon as we walked in through the door last night! Two of us caught a glimpse of a shadowy form moving just inside the entrance to the first of the two hangers.

This was just the precursor to a night that was filled with these shadowy movements, things caught out of the corner of your eye, doors that opened and closed mysteriously and lots of other phenomena. For me, one of the strongest moments was when, in response to a request from one of us, someone or something thumped, very hard on the underside of the table at which we were sitting.

...And I should probably mention that two others were looking under the table to make sure that nobody was cheating!

I feel very strongly that, as a medium, I should show only the greatest respect to those in spirit, so when we had requests from two of the spirit people there for help in moving on to the 'other side', I was happy to open the doorway and encourage them to pass through to meet their loved ones in spirit. One of those who needed that help was a young woman who had somehow become lost and just could not find the way. We had contact from her and also from a spirit claiming to be her uncle, who had come back in visitation to further plead her case, and guide her when the time came.

The other spirit was a young lad, a French boy, who had become separated from his parents and who was feeling lost and alone. He was communicating strongly through one of our guests, via a pendulum and as he went through the doorway into the light, the pendulum suddenly and eerily stopped, and did not move again.

The drive home nearly saw me entering the spirit world! There had been heavy rain all through the evening and the run off from the fields was deep, covering most of the Roman road leading back from the museum up to the A303. My Shogun (no apology for having it; you try transporting 3 kids and a grandma around - plus luggage sometimes - plus kids friends and their bikes...) has very powerful headlights, but in places, the trees overhanging the road made it impossible to see whether or not it was flooded.

I was almost at the A303 when I hit a deep river of rainwater, covering the entire width of the road...I was only doing 30mph, I always drive very carefully in bad weather, but this was exceptional...

The water went right over the roof of the car; for about 4 ghastly seconds I could see nothing at all and to make matters worse, I could feel the car lifting right off the road and beginning to turn sideways. I quickly flipped on the high speed wipers and tried to keep the wheel straight - no point in doing much else until I was back with all four tyres touching the road!

Thankfully, there was nothing else on the road; it was after 12.30a.m. and I only saw a few cars on the entire 45 mile journey home! I have always known I am watched over, but my guides, guardians and angels were clocking in some overtime last night!

It is a little creepy driving home in the early hours when there is so little traffic, but I had some of my favourite music to keep me company - 'Beautiful World' by the reinvented Take That, 'Jamiroquai's Greatest Hits' and the hauntingly beautiful 'An Other Cup' by Yusuf, formerly known as Cat Stevens. Tracks such as 'Maybe There's a World' and 'Green Fields and Golden Sands' have such a truth in them; the whole album is wonderfully crafted and produced, with every tiny sound crystal clear and oh so carefully placed, nothing superfluous.

Anyway, I am rambling

So here is my 'Ten Minute Psychic' tip for today:

Who is in charge of your spiritual development?

You are.

NOT... the well meaning 'guru' or mentor who tells you what you are ready for or what you should be doing...

NOT...the trials and thief-of-time lifestyle of the modern world...

NOT...the medium or reader you saw at a psychic fair, or spiritualist church or wherever, who told you 'you are meant to be doing this...' 'you must do this', or do that...

NOT...even your guides, guardians and angels, whoever they may be...

...and most definitely NOT... whoever, or whatever is behind the voices you hear, visions, you see and things you feel and know, somehow...

YOU are in charge.

So that's all very well for me to say isn't it?

This is the core of today's tip.

If you feel that the pace of your develpment is going too fast...if things are happening too fast, if you are not comfortable with things, or worse, feeling a little scared by them then tell your guides, guardians and angels, thank you - but back off!

No airy fairy rituals or purple prose just a polite but firm statement that you are not interested right now and you would like things to calm down.

There is an ancient 'rule of three' that states that if you make a request three times, it MUST be complied with, it also encourages you to really mean what you are saying, or thinking.

For humans on this side of life the same applies - if you feel uncomfortable with anything you are asked to do, or take part in, then politely, but firmly withdraw.

You are the only one responsible for your life, so take charge of it and do not give that power to anybody, or anything else.

Until next time...

Angel Blessings
Michelle x

Saturday, 28 July 2007

So this is me...

Ever since I was a child, I have loved diaries - not just writing in them, but buying them, and handling them too...nuts I know. I have a fatal attraction to stationery shops too; there is nothing that quite gets the pulse racing like a sale on pretty notebooks...unless of course it is a sale on boots!

My daughter has also got the 'stationery' gene, she has got more secret 'dye-rees' than you or I have had hot dinners! It probably doesn't help of course, that I encourage this affliction...
Anyway, the point of this rambling is that one of my main passions in life is writing; diaries, articles, books - so rambling away online seems ideal for me! The only downside is that I am not writing it down in a pretty book, but then, I can't have everything. It has taken me a while to get to this blogging lark - and I am hoping that I manage to work it all out properly so that it makes some sort of sense to you all.

So what is my 'blog' about?

Like you, I have a hectic life; I live with the love of my life, my loverly husband Phil, the kids - now 18, 14 and 10, my mum-in-law, who has just sold her home and moved in with us and our five cats. Sparkle, Lemmi, Pumpkin, Amber and the slightly unbalanced Poppy.

We live in a four bed house with just one bathroom and loo... which is going to change fairly shortly as we are about to start extending to accommodate the extended family. For the moment though, we need an appointment for a shower or a wee!

I have various 'coping' strategies for dealing with the chaos; I hope to pass on some of those to you, to help with your own lives.

So my first '10 Minute tip' is...

'Take 10 minutes just for you'

The challenge that most of us have when trying to expand our consciousness, or develop spiritually, is finding the time. Ten minutes is a small enough chunk of our day that we can easily find it - no matter what else is going on. It doesn't have to be spent meditating 'properly' - just sitting quietly with a cup (or glass!) of whatever you fancy and staring into the distance is enough. Or you could read a paper or magazine perhaps - whatever you do, take that ten minutes for you; don't allow yourself to be disturbed, don't allow the kids to intrude, just relax...

You will be surprised at how much just ten minutes can benefit you, trust me.

Next time I shall give you some ideas on the sorts of things you can do with that ten minutes that will really benefit you in a spiritual sense, but for now, it is back to the fray for

Angel Blessings

Michelle x