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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Back to the Green

I was delighted to find that one of my favourite albums was available on iTunes; I had been trying to buy it on cd since the compact disc first appeared in the 1980's, but alas, to no avail. My vinyl album wore out...and was distorted by being left out of the sleeve and slung on top of my GEC Music Centre...I hadn't heard it in years.

The album is 'Free Ride' by Marshall Hain; the only track of theirs you probably remember is 'Dancing in the City' which was a hit (oh god) 34 years ago in 1978! It is a great song, but the one I was desperate to hear was 'Back to the Green'. The orchestral arrangement, wistful lyrics and haunting melody have stayed with me all this time and you know what? I remembered all the words, first time!

Now I'm not sure of the copyright issues in reproducing the lyrics, and I apologise if I'm breaching or offending anyone, but I want you to go over to iTunes and listen to it; (buy it!) it seems to perfectly illustrate how we all need to get back in tune with nature.

It's an easy thing to do...all you need is fresh air. Obviously an open space helps, maybe a tree or two-and if you can, if it is feasible for you to do so, get yourself off out of that city and into the incredible countryside that is just a short distance from your front door.
Take great lungfuls of air and feel your energy levels rise, listen to the sounds of nature, whether it is the wind in the leaves and grasses, birds singing, insects buzzing, or rain on the treetops, or hillsides, or beaches.

We talk about 'blowing the cobwebs out' after a walk on a windy day, or of needing to go for a walk to allow ourselves to think clearly, but it is so easy to just get on with life and forget about the power of nature to help us to...
Just. Feel. Better.

The weather we have been experiencing in England this 'summer' also seems rather appropriate...although of course by the time I decided to write this, the sun has finally come out!

When it is is sunny and warm, there may be more encouragement for us to get outside, but don't forget about the power of the grey days, the windy days, the rainy days and the stormy days; go outside and feel it...

That's probably enough waffling from me, so here's the lyrics. Tell me what you think.

'Back to the Green' by Marshall Hain from the album 'Free Ride'

Here in the city everything's bright, sucked in by the neon lights
Living on main street must be someone else's dream
There's plenty of cars out on the road
And there's plenty of others to share your load
And time to lose in this constant steady stream
Steady stream that keeps you there
Ready to flow, and ready to wonder where

Here in the city ...the day, carries you on in the same old way
The package is different but there's little room for change
It's a timely friend, a world apart,
It's another end, but I've nowhere to start
I'm a city stray leaving for the country again
Leaving for the country, keep me there
To breathe in fresher air

And the day that you awake and know
There's nowhere else now worth your going to
After all the grey you've seen
It's time to head on back to the green

Here in the city, everything's cold, the flags of summer are heavy and old
And rain on the sidewalks reflects the angry crowds
We can hide out well, and keep ourselves warm
But that ain't no way to feel the storms
Give me open places where there's space to see the clouds
See the clouds through fresher air
Be the way you only can be there

And the day that you awake and know
There's nowhere else now worth you going to
After all the grey you've seen
It's time to head on back to the green

And today, I awoke and knew,
There's nowhere else now
Worth my going to...

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