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Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Importance of Being Positive

Like many folks in these times of economic stress, we have been watching the pennies and hoping that nothing happens to upset our fragile balance of financial equilibrium.

It can be difficult not to become anxious about money, after all, it is something we all need to live; we need to keep a roof over our heads, to eat, clothe ourselves and yes, have a few luxuries too...!

So what can you do to relieve any anxiety and attract good things?

This simple exercise takes a few moments and can be done anywhere-but before I share it with you, I need you to consider something...

Let's say you are working in a job that you are not that happy with...there are several ways it could go, from staying there and complaining how much you hate it, to leaving and looking for another job, but what goes on inside your head, how you think about it, will have a profound effect on your overall peace of mind, happiness and well-being.

What you really should NOT do, is make lots of noise about wanting out, unless you have a clear idea of where you WANT to be!

If you are thinking (and confiding in colleagues) about how much you hate your job; how much you want to leave-even though you cannot afford to-then don't be surprised if something happens that means you are suddenly out of a job!

The universe may hear your heartfelt plea; whoever, or whatever you believe in...even if you do not believe in anything...sometimes those passionate wishes are answered, and you might suddenly find yourself out on the street with no way to pay your bills!

This happened to me many years ago. Way back in 1979 I was a clerical trainee for a major company; it was my first job, and I really hated it... I kept on and on telling people how much I hated it, how it wasn't for me...but at no time did I do anything POSITIVE, to find something else!

I got made redundant. At 17, I was without a job, without money and without any prospects.

I had not given any real thought as to what I wanted from life, only what I didn't want.

After a month of sitting at home and bemoaning my lot, it occurred to me that it was up to me to do something about it...I caught a bus into town, went into every single shop to ask about vacancies and got a temporary job for 2 weeks with Woolworths to tide me over. I loved it!

The funny thing was that when I was at school, we all used to use working for Woolworths (and the Pick 'n' Mix counter in particular) as an example of what you did if you were useless!

I discovered that my career contentment depended on my having a job where I dealt with people as a part of my routine. I loved the fact that no two days were the same, that I was not tied to a desk but could move around.... After the two weeks was over, I found a permanent job in a busy city centre newsagent cum record shop and that led to a successful career in Personnel and Training Management within retail.

You would think that I would have learnt my lesson, but years later, I did it again! I was working as a Personnel and Training Manager for a major UK chain and the company decided to 'restructure'...something which is becoming ever more common.

In the morning I was told my job was being made redundant. I would have to re-apply and take a lesser role-if I was employed at all!

My husband was incredibly supportive, but also angry on my behalf. We decided that evening to go out on a motorcycle ride in an effort to make me feel better, but my thoughts were absolutely full of rage, disappointment and how I wanted to 'get back' at the company.
We all think we are indispensible, that the company will fall down if we are not there and I was thinking about how I never wanted to go back again; then they would see how necessary I was!

The universe heard me, and answered.

My wish was granted.

We had a serious accident that evening; nobody at fault, just a slippy road surface and a slow speed crash with nobody else involved... but I was badly injured and never went back to work...

What happened then is a story for another day; ultimately that accident proved to be one of the biggest blessings in my life!

However, this is my point. This is important.

If you want out of your job, for whatever reason, you also need to put in place a POSITIVE wish.

This is what I should have done, I should have visualised myself in a brilliant new job, being happy and content.

It is not enough to ask to be out of your current position, you need to be very careful to back it up with the positive request for help to find your ideal job.

I have also found that although you can end up wishing for a long list of specific requirements, actually it is better to trust the universe, and your guardian angels to do their stuff and put the opportunity in your path that is right for you, right now.

So...instead of saying something like this:

"I want a job that pays £30k a year, with 9 weeks holiday and a company car"


"I want a job that means I don't have to find childcare, don't have to work late, or at weekends and is based within walking distance"

I might say something like this:

"Please help me to find the job that is right for me; something that means I will feel happy and secure- and please help me to recognise the opportunity when it comes!"

If you have a specific ambition, then visualise yourself doing the job. Visualise yourself happy and confident, with everything running smoothly. If you have any doubts about your ability to do that job, your anxiety will come through.

If that job is something to work towards, something you need qualifications and experience for, then ask for the right opportunities to come to you so that you can reach that dream job...

I always ask for signs that I have been heard by the way; I am never disappointed! Those signs will be very relevant to you, personal and targeted; only you will recognise them. When they come, remember to thank your angels and the universe for helping you.

The current economic situation means that money is tight and jobs can be scarce. By using positive visualisation you can increase not just your chances of getting a job, but staying in it and being content.

You can use positive visualisation for anything; it costs nothing, requires no equipment, just an open and honest heart.
Positive visualisation improves your mood and optimism and lifts your spirits. Try it!

One final thing for today:

NEVER leave a job voluntarily unless you have another to go to; principles are all very well, but they don't pay the mortgage and put food on the table.

Until next time...

Michelle x

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