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Saturday, 17 September 2011

What do you value in life?

We have been dining with good friends at their home this evening, and have just walked the short distance back to our own home... I am sat up in bed at 1.41am, with my beloved asleep beside me...and it struck me-

What do you REALLY value in your life?

I am happy without great riches, I just want not to have to worry about money.
I am happy without a flash car, as long as I can get around.
I am happy without a big house, I just want to live here, in our home.
I am happy and grateful to have some wonderful friends,
I am constantly amazed to have such wonderful children,
...and I am very lucky to have somehow discovered the one person in all the billions on this planet who makes me so happy, and continues to make me smile every day, after 20 years together... <3

That's what I value, what about you?


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