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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Eeny Meeny Miny Mo...

How do you make your choices?

Do you weigh up the pros and cons of each option, look at what others have to say, write lists, think about what you are prepared to compromise on...get second you just go for the first thing you see, or whatever feels right?!

I know it depends on the situation; you are going to compare tv's or computers, of course that's only right, but what about those choices where you cannot look at what ReeVoo has to say?

What about those situations in life that could make a real difference?

For example, some years ago now, I was offered two different jobs. Both paid about the same, both had a similar status, career progression etc.
How did I choose?

I used my Inner Voice, the deep seated instinct that knows what is good for us...

The thing is that most of us tend to ignore that voice; we override it with what our ego mind, that part of us that looks after the everyday stuff, the me me me stuff, we listen to what that voice says.

Try this simple test; it's daft but you'll get the idea...

Take two different bars of your favourite chocolate (or biscuits, cakes, beer, whatever) and get a friend to hide them behind their back, one in each hand.

They have to be things you have real difficulty in choosing between...

When the hand is revealed, was it the one you really wanted? Or did you really want the other one?

What was your inner voice telling you?

Here is another one; you are out shopping when you spot a stunning pair of boots that you really want, but don't really need and cannot you walk away with a happy heart...?

Or do you (eventually) give in and buy them anyway!

We know what is good for us, we know what is right for us...but most of the time we ignore it and do as we damn well want to!

So next time a choice comes your way; listen to your inner voice, and put away that credit know it makes sense!

By the way...those two job offers? I did not take either of them...I stayed put. My inner voice told me to tell my boss I had been approached by a rival company-and he promoted me and raised my salary!

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