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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Embracing the mud at Glastonbury!

So Glastonbury weekend is upon us once more and this year, just for a change, it has rained!

However, in an unexpected twist, it hurled it down mightily just as the gates opened, which has led to the most incredible quagmire of mud...two whole days before the music has even started!

Are the festival attendees downhearted?

Absolutely not!

One family, putting up their tent in driving rain commented on their determination to enjoy themselves come what may in a display of pure British grit, whilst other announced their intentions of 'embracing the mud', a sentiment that seemed entirely appropriate!

I think that they are all going to have a truly fabulous experience...the forecast for the rest of the festival is not that bad, but whatever the weather, they certainly won't forget the first day, with the torrential rain and thick, all consuming mud... It's the stuff of legend!

...and if you are wondering how that translates into a 'spiritual' lesson, just think for a moment...

How do you react when things don't go as you planned?

Do you huff and puff...complain that it's all gone wrong...maybe even sulk...or do you revise the plans to embrace the changes, face up to things with a smile and do your best to enjoy yourself anyway!

It is not always easy to shrug things off, but a positive attitude and a willingness to work to make the best of things brings many benefits...not the least of which is being a happier, more contented soul.

Embrace the mud! Be dirty, but happy!

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